About SustainablEarth


Promote environmental due-diligence and sustainable development of the natural & energy resources, as well as to raise awareness and transmit the idea that achieving a prosperous and sustainable future will only occur with the contribution of the inhabitants of the only livable world we know.

Provide Business Development Guidance aimed to connect investing firms and operators / developers with Latin-American enterprises in the Renewable Energy sector and Sustainability businesses.

Help develop innovative Climate Action and Sustainability Solutions for a variety of projects.


SustainablEarth embraces the belief that a sustainable world is possible. As a parent I wish my children and the generations coming after them, to be able to inherit a livable world.

SustainablEarth aspires to be part of a transformation for the better, a transformation in which the paradigm of achieving the  “17 UN Sustainable Development Goals” can be within reach.

By bridging Canadian investing and developing capabilities with attractive sustainable development opportunities in Latin-America, SustainablEarth seeks to be a key link that can help bring to life initiatives, technological solutions and projects aimed to build a sustainable future and mitigate climate change.

-Jose Luis Caceres, MSc., EP.

SustainablEarth Founder / Sustainable Development & Climate Action Champion / Business Development officer.

Jose Luis Caceres bio:

profile_devaidPeruvian born and proud Canadian. Over the years Jose has fostered a vast understanding of many global issues. This understanding comes from an extensive sequel of overseas assignments and is well founded with his education in earth sciences and energy and the environment. Jose specializes in the subjects of sustainable energy development and climate change.

Jose is open to be an active participant in the buoyant initiatives of climate action and sustainability in the province of Alberta, Canada-wide and Internationally. He also has a keen interest on advocating sustainability principles and practices to the general public, as well as bridging Canada and Latin-America in sustainability opportunities, such as renewable energy ventures and the broad spectrum of options that fall under the umbrella of sustainable development. Jose is based in Calgary, Canada.

Jose possesses a M.Sc. degree from the University of Calgary in Sustainable Energy Development and a B.Sc. degree in Geological Engineering. Prior to shifting his career towards the sustainable development line of work, Jose accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. Jose is accredited as Environmental Professional (EP) by Eco-Canada. For further information please visit Jose’s LinkedIn profile.


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